Success Stories

Getting it done in the mines

The challenge

“We service the mining sector with engineering and maintenance crews; it’s always a challenge finding quality and experienced labour, especially in a quick turnaround which is typical in what we do.
This often occurs during shutdown projects; we usually require a large quantity of skilled tradespeople, this process typically involves – onboarding, medical/drug and alcohol tests and mobilisation (organizing flights and accommodation).
This leaves us stranded for time to recruit and provides greater problems down the track as it affects the outcome of the project.”

The response

“We knew we had to act quick, as turnaround time is critical in large projects [shutdowns], we knew we had to reach out externally as the quantity of labour required was large and the timeframe was short.
We then called Techforce Personnel as they were referred to us by another company on-site because they had great success using them for their projects.”

The results

“What I enjoyed most of how Techforce operated was the swift response in which they moved.
It wasn’t long before we were getting inundated with quality candidates. They were able to resolve our staffing concerns in a matter of weeks; this allowed us to complete our project in good time.
Since this introduction, we’ve been using Techforce ever since and have nothing but positive results, every time I hear someone struggling to find staff I tell them to call the team at Techforce.”

More Success Stories

July 2021
“I run the operations of a food processing facility; we’ve always had trouble with quality labour, the amount of time we spend putting ad’s up and going through hundreds of resumes to maybe get one good employee is astronomical.
July 2021
“We were looking to put on a Compliance and Environmental Manager for our new division. We had ad’s running for months with no success, we were getting desperate as this position was essential to our operations, being involved in the Oil & Gas industry.”
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